Month: August 2020

June Robbins

It was so important for me to get the AC in just before the “heat” arrived. The work was done in perfect timing, by a perfect team, and the outcome is just perfect. The “heat” has not been a problem in this house at all! I would recommend this company to anyone wanting a perfect solution to any problem in their home. They are the best!

The employees are excellent. Tim has been in this line of business since high school. He knows what he is doing, and will do whatever to give you the best for your problem. I have known him from almost forty years. He is a fine and capable man to do your job. He promises what he will do for you, and ends up doing a little more than he promised.

Dave Straeten

I am delighted with ALL the work you have done for us, including the repairs, maintenance and new installations in Norfolk and historically, all the past work Tim has done at the beach over many years.

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